We make communication between parents and the hospital simple.

Our mission is to empower NICU parents by giving them control, knowledge and direct access to their infant’s care.


Introducing Allo into the NICU setting will transform the way parents, doctors and nurses interact, improving the overall experience by eliminating unnecessary stress and focusing on the babies.

Our focus is on building strong relationships

Relationships are critical in the NICU. Allo gives parents access to valuable information instantly and keeps them in consistent contact with their baby and with caregivers.

More access allows parents to be more involved in their child's care.

Our Inspiration

“The hardest part for me was not knowing what was going on with my babies at all times. Leaving the hospital was torture, every day. I wanted to be with them at all times and be a part of every decision, to protect my babies, but it wasn’t possible. It’s the hardest thing I’ve experienced.”

Brittany, NICU Mother of twins

How it works

Allo is simple. We connect parents to their newborns and healthcare team in three ways – communication, education and sharing – keeping their interactions more continuous and involving them in their child’s care along the way.

Caretime Updates

Receive updates on the baby’s weight and vitals. Nurses can even share photos when parents are away.


Educational pieces explaining the conditions each baby is experiencing for parents to learn and share with loved ones.


Ability to share information with family and friends as it’s shared with parents.


Plan of the Day

An accurate view of your doctor’s plan for the baby on each shift. 


A calendar for healthcare teams to know when to expect parents in the NICU and better schedule times with families.


A journal for parents to document their babies NICU journey and keep for later.

Why Allo?

Allo is short for “allomother”. An allomother is anyone other than the biological mother taking care of an infant for a period of time. 


We are inspired by the teams of caregivers, nurses and doctors in every NICU working countless hours to keep these newborns safe and help them grow into healthy babies. 

We are, and always will be here for your baby.

Get Involved

Great things can’t happen without great people. Allo is always looking for partners, investors and developers looking to help make a difference in healthcare communication.

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